Childrens Wall Art

Finding wall art for children is a breeze at Wall Art Direct. Decorating a kid’s room is all about colour, the brighter the better. Inspire your child and invigorate their mind using bright primary colours, you might consider bringing an educational element to the piece. Using art in this way makes your home more enjoyable and may open their minds to art even earlier than you imagined!

Kids Canvas

Childrens canvas prints at Wall Art Direct are treated with a specialized canvas varnish which provides a scratchproof and water resistant barrier. Perfect for active children and a busy lifestyle, you can simply wipe the canvas with a damp cloth to clean.

Kids Art Prints

Childrens wall art is often based on a specific image or character rather than matching decor. Shopping for childrens art prints you should keep in mind favourite animals, tv shows, and colours. Framed art prints add a classy feel to wall art, remember to hang framed art prints carefully to ensure that they don’t come loose or fall of the wall.

Kids Wall Murals

Wall Art Direct have created a unique selection of childrens wall murals in store, perfect for busy areas such as play rooms where traditional artwork may be too fragile. Choose a framed wall mural to add a contemporary touch to childrens wall art.

Create a truly stunning feature wall in your home with great value childrens wallpaper designs by Wall Art Direct. Choose from a range of sizes to suit your wall space. Transform your home with stunning, unique wall art today!