Handmade & Affordable Wall Art

Transform your space with inspirational wall art. Choose from a huge array of designs to injectyour walls with bursts of colour, express your personality, improve your well-being and impressyour guests.

Whether your taste is abstract, retro, modernist or you prefer a Banksy street-art vibe, you’ll find a myriad of materials and styles.

Or, choose a frame and upload your photos for aunique gift! Picture-perfect and instagrammable - the perfect finishing touch. Join thousands ofother wall art enthusiasts across the country today.


Handmade quality that lasts - plus, cheaper than you’ll find at other retailers!

● Cheap delivery direct to your door

● Returnable (all you need to do is pay for shipping)

● Join a community of other wall art enthusiasts

● Access free guides, such as how to hang your wall art and how to choose wall art that
matches your interior decor

● Get quick & free help with your order - we’re just a phone call or live chat away

● Enjoy an unlimited amount of decorating possibilities to change with your mood - much easier & quicker than painting

● And last but not least - start enjoying walls that you’re proud of!

Who can enjoy Wall Art?

Whether you’re a homeowner, rent privately, work in interiors or are responsible for your
workplace make over - you can hang up our beautiful wall art to bring your space to life.

For the interior designers amongst you: enjoy some fantastic trade discounts. We work with many
businesses to protect your reputation, increase your profit margins and keep your customers
happy (afterall, word of mouth is the best marketing!).

We also provide a dropshipping service so you can fulfil orders when time is of the essence.
Learn why Changing Space trusts us to consistently provide its clients with quality wall art.