Acrylic Prints

Add a modern touch to your home or office space with our quality acrylic prints. Choose from100s of unique artworks and make your space stand out. Or delight your family and friends with agift that captures their personality.

Choose the right size - we’ve got small, medium, large and extra large. Your wall art will include allthe hardware you need to hang on your walls with ease. Browse our stunning selection now tofind the perfect print.

Where can I hang up my framed wall art?

Anywhere! Our designs are perfect for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, office spaces etc. Just find a blank space and bring it to life.

How long will my art last?

Our acrylic wall art lasts a lifetime! Don’t worry about having to replace it in a few months time. Save yourself time, hassle and money with designs that won’t fade or break (with the proper care).

How can I care for my art?

Keep your acrylic prints in tip-top condition with some regular cleaning. For light dirt and dust, we recommend wiping the surface with a soft lint-free cloth. Dampen it and try again if the dirt is stubborn. Be careful not to apply too much pressure though, as micro-fabric can cause tiny scratches if not done gently. Avoid hanging it in direct sunlight.

What are the benefits of acrylic wall art?

  • Unique - Acrylic art is unique and makes a great talking point among guests! Acrylic art stands out and will always impress.
  • Appearance - Get a sleek, modern vibe with acrylic prints. The finish is sharp, vibrant and tends to have a higher colour vibrancy and depth than other materials.
  • Lightweight - Acrylic is shatter-resistant and lighter than glass prints. It’s a very user-friendly material that’s a dream to take care of.