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Picture of Guitar Tree Moonlight Canvas Print Wall Art
Picture of Red Electric Guitar Canvas Print Wall Art

Red Electric Guitar

From £25.99
Picture of Piano Blues Canvas Print Wall Art

Piano Blues

From £25.99
Picture of Album Madness Canvas Print Wall Art

Album Madness

From £25.99
Picture of Saxaphone player fade Canvas Print Wall Art
Picture of Playing The Horn Canvas Print Wall Art

Playing The Horn

From £25.99
Picture of Violin Treeline Canvas Print Wall Art

Violin Treeline

From £25.99
Picture of Retro Record Player 1 Canvas Print Wall Art
Picture of Autumn Piano Canvas Print Wall Art

Autumn Piano

From £25.99
Picture of Album Music City Canvas Print Wall Art

Album Music City

From £25.99
Picture of Vibration Canvas Print Wall Art


From £25.99
Picture of Saxophone City Canvas Print Wall Art

Saxophone City

From £25.99
Picture of Retro Cassette Tape Canvas Print Wall Art

Retro Cassette Tape

From £25.99
Picture of Pink Floyd LP Canvas Print Wall Art

Pink Floyd LP

From £25.99
Picture of Violin Half Art Canvas Print Wall Art

Violin Half Art

From £25.99
Picture of Rock N Roll Fifties Canvas Print Wall Art

Rock N Roll Fifties

From £25.99
Picture of Femail Vocalist Canvas Print Wall Art

Femail Vocalist

From £25.99
Picture of Album Love Canvas Print Wall Art

Album Love

From £25.99

Add some life to your blank space. Our handmade canvas art is cheap but doesn’t compromise on quality.It’s available in a variety of colours and styles - from stunning citylines to Banksy street art.

Enjoy a carefully curated collection of the latest design trends and have your space how you’ve always dreamed!Our canvas art is super easy to order - just pick your favourite design, select the size (and style) that you want, wait 1 -3 working days… and voila - instant art direct to your door!

What sizes are available?

We offer small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large canvas art for your walls.

How long does your canvas art last?

Our art is fade-proof and lasts a lifetime! Coupled with our affordable pricing, you’re getting incredible value. Please ensure you keep your canvas art away from sunlight and areas with high humidity (such as bathrooms).

How can I care for my art?

Once hung up, a regular dusting of the frame is enough to keep your art looking pristine. If it gets stained, your best bet is to use a damp cloth. But please take care - be gentle with the canvas and don’t use any harsh chemicals or cleaning sprays.

What are the benefits of canvas art?

  • Durability - Canvas is known for its sturdiness. The high-quality ink maintains its strength to look as good as new over time.

  • Adds an artistic look - Canvas art gives depth and character - no matter how plain your walls are!

  • No glare - As attractive as framed prints or glossy posters look in the right lighting - they can give too much glare and distract from the art. Canvas prints have a satin or matte finish so are better placed in bright rooms.